- House Divided


House Divided is a duo formed by two East Coast natives that met by chance at the fabled Icon Collective in Los Angeles, California. Though they each come from starkly different backgrounds, the two instantly found common ground in their acutely cultivated musical tastes, and got right down to business in the studio the very same day. Seamlessly blending a multitude of House genres, Sean and Evan each bring a unique approach when it comes to production, resulting in a harmonious fusion of House music nuance. Punchy baselines, wonky vocal hooks, and unconventional percussion grooves have come to define a sound that many are hard pressed to link to one specific genre. House Divided continues to churn out track after track at dizzying pace. In under a year, they have already managed to plant their flag in a multitude of venues around LA; sharing the stage with artists such as, Astronomar, BOT, Christian Martin and Rüfüs Du Sol. The future is bright for this promising new powerhouse, so be sure to keep your fingers on the pulse and catch them at the next show.