- Hott And Totten


Malte and Kies; Kies and Malte; Malte and Kies became Hott&Totten. Who´s hot- isn´t it ?! The semi- (beat)brothers from the ghetto near Leipzig (GER), crazy, heavy improperly and totally amiss call for snaping. Who´s passing the right time, missing Mr. Brutal, Sir Max Trash and Co. Also their homeworke is done - with their own tracks under the slogan: "in your face". So their first EP- the "MASSIV EP" was born, shared by Beatbrothers Records and furthermore by the recordlabel TUFF EM UP- the TRASHBAGS CREW from australia! So take your headprotection and join us! - GET MASSIV-


Urlaub :)
Discofreunde, Rachel By the Stream, Jssst, Retron, The Left Hand Path, Swiss Dance System, Sean Bradford, Mano Meter, Who Is That Dj, Project Wortlos, Mr. Roc, Zentoy, Hardford, DJ Freeg, Saymo K, Mr. Jay & T, Vogelkai, Barquero, Night Drugs, Bunk, Faktiss, Nikola Vujicic, Fisio Feelkhenson, Yves Durant, ABS, Moonflower, The Electronic Advance, Justicious, Hott And Totten, Kiss Me Yesterday, Fanatique, Stereoliner, Cumfiesta, Carsten Becker, Bass Force, Drawer One, Typ:t.u.r.b.o., Drawer Two, DJ Zenix, La Rochelle Band, Handsup Playerz, Just!One, Dj Bisk, Damian William, Vanic, Cora, Young A, Housenumberone, Cataleya, Koenig und Kroemer, Stereo Swing, Gabi Szucs, Johnny Lectro, Extra Medium, Elias Saura, Godblesscomputers, Deeci, Samomike, Sunyo, Dan-J, Doon-M, Angelina Astle, Chillo, Light in Color, Delbert Schneider, Benigna Maier, Bobbi Briere, Clementine Calaway, Claudia Hunt, Philmoorey, Wesley Colon, Amaal Nuux, Aniko Benkö, Boiling Energy, Carlos Olmo, Clark B., Claus Dethleff, Codar, La Leyenda Negra, Cyclon, D. Malcevic, Dean M., Deejay Chris White, Dimitri Davidoff, DJ Arvie, Dj Bonzaii, DJ Sm, Dr. Music, Faint Response, Moonhaze, Feldschieber, Stilbruch, Figge-Lee, Galaxy Sound Ship, Terro, GHM, Daniele Vit, Gizzmodj, Groemminger, Charlie Spot, Hugo Villanova, Jan Duda, Jimmy de la Mar, Lee & Sun, Lukas Rieger, Marc Andree, Marc Van Slow, Mr. Spicks, Nghtdrv, Osmosehardtech, Paisley Babylon, Parcala Behcet, Ray Stinson, S.o.B. Beats, Soundlounge, Stefan Zintel, Steven Pierce, Tildbros, Tilda Gold, Harry K., Dan Cage, Jordan F, Tino Boa, Khromasoma, Raziek, Elektromafia, Starkstrom, Avari, Tigerjet, Turnyboy, Anthony Provenzale, DJ Vega, DJ D.M.H, Sil Yanku
Peace Tunes | 2015-02-06