- Hosben


Already with almost eight years of entering the career of the electronic music universe, Hosben has consolidated his personality through the tracks wherever he goes. Always looking for references and ambiguous environments, its fuel is to create more and more something that has a certain amount of inspiration and work balanced, causing this to generate a chain of comings and goings. Her detached, engaging style, pondered by the sobriety and euphoric sides of Hosben, surprises each set by showing and inserting into each accompanying ear what music is and what it makes you feel. "It's not just moments of bohemia and distraction, the harmony of elements and frequencies that when united form the music, pass through channels of our body that make us feel and allow an emotion to take us to a certain moment, that is for a few seconds, minutes or hours, but that makes us reflect and smile or cry, for me is all that the music means" Hosben concludes.