- Hinnise


Having been surrounded by techno music throughout his teenage years, Hinnise's passion for electronic music is ever expanding. Born and raised in Mexico City, this Mexican DJ / producer has been playing since 2009 and when he started playing, he felt his way through technical logistics without formal training. "It's about feeling the beat, loving your music and getting into your flow of creative energy."The great pioneers of techno and house, such as Steve Lawler, Green Velvet and Steve Bug, Antony Pappa, Timo Mass, would be the main influences of Hinnise and he knew from the beginning that DJing and music would become the journey of his life. Growing up in Atzcapotzalco DF, Hinnise found his escape listening to these incredible artists. They captured a place in his imagination so that at the age of 19, he bought his first set of Pioneer players and technical vinyl player. "Once I started playing and listening to music deeply, it activated my senses so I could feel the vibrations of different sounds and start mixing those sounds together. I used different songs and effects as a way of expressing myself in what I was feeling at the moment . "