- Highsage


Highsage (aka Acid Trace) produces techno and acid with machines in the classic Detroit TR-style of programming. With releases out on BWLR (Detroit), Detroit Underground, Napalm Enema (Can), AC Records (Berlin), and several others, he's quickly becoming known for hard analog techno, twisted time signatures, and psychedelic use of FX. Beyond studio production, he has been pushing the live hardware performance front forward, performing live shows in So Cal and Vegas using a TB-303 and the Elektron "Trinity" of drum machine, sampler and synth: performances shrouded in cuts, cymbal pitch rides, glitch, and carefully selected field samples and FX, with a nod to classic acid modulation of every part. He also plays the horn, hacks the planet, mentors younger artists on the art of hardware techno production, and works in a warehouse factory where space shuttle parts are born (with field recorder in hand!)