- Hidenobu Ito


The founders of elegantdisc.Hidenobu Ito was born in Tokyo, Japan. Since his childhood he is interested in experimental music. Hidenobu started working as a cartoonist to afford own music hardware. In the 1990′s, he began composing and producing music compilation albums and soundtracks. Hidenobu released his albums and EPs on labels, such as NS-com, TripTrap, flyrec,wimm,commune disc, elegantdisc, subrosa, Fenou, Level records,we are,Mosaiko Ltd,Ntrop,plexo sola,numbolic,Night Light,Mineral musica,Earlydub,Frucht,etc... Although he is frank to different types of music, Hidenobu focussed on composing very experimental music filled with depth and soul.