- Hi Tech Chaos


In the late 80s, when Egor was born, Russia was all about Modern Talking and Bon Jovi. At the same time, somewhere in Detroit some real music started making its way to the world — Techno. ​ For about 10 years Egor had to put up with music that did absolutely nothing for him – apart from annoy! – but that all changed when he first got acquainted with the joys of electronic music. ​ Egor went to music school and became fluent on the piano. He also had a Casio keyboard and an old ModPlug Tracker. And that's how he came up with an idea of something he really wanted to do — making music. ​ Early on, Egor realized that music is not just a set of squares and rectangles in an editor. Firstly (and mainly) it’s about sound waves, which can affect the way people feel. It doesn't really matter how many shapes you use to construct it. And often in practice less is more: musical minimalism keeps things clean and punchier. Egor loves making up stories about all manner of things and then bringing them to life using music. The best part is that the listener is free to interpret it how he/she wants. It creates a very strong connection.