- HH&B


One of New York City’s finest underground DJ duos, HH&B aka DJ Halo-Halo (pronounced hollow-hollow) and DJ Bula, have been making heads nod and bodies rock throughout the city with their DJ skills for more than 20 years. They have been producing dance tracks since 1998.Both born in New York, Halo-Halo (pronounced hollow-hollow) and Bula (pronounced boo-la) met each other back in the 1990's and have been partners ever since. With the experience of djing at dozens of venues such as Discotheque (NYC), Club Republica (Ithaca), Club Vesta (NYC), Vapor Lounge (NYC), Planet 28 (NYC) Tangerine Lounge (NYC), Canal Room (NYC), Mumbai (NYC), Opaline (NYC), Mars 2112 (NYC), The Nines Club (Ithaca), The Kings Club (Stonybrook), The Horse & Jockey Club (Stonybrook), Speed (NYC), Exit (NYC), Fashion 40 lounge (NYC), Jade Terrace- China Club (NYC), Hammerstein Ballroom (NYC), Float (NYC), the Lobby (NYC), PLAY (QUEENS) & The Caulfield (NYC) these guys know what it takes to keep the party jumping all night long.Thankful for their success, Halo-Halo gives his advice to those people who want to make it as a DJ in the music industry, “Put your all into it & always believe in your dreams."Bula also wants to share his take on what he calls the “main ingredient” in being successful in the industry, “Never forget that you do it because you love it..."PEACE to ALL & PARTY for LIFE!!! hh&b