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( born in 1983 ) - From an early age , he was interested techno underground , electronic, deep tech - house music .
His person, is showing that diligence, the determination and the obstinacy in aspiring at the target are paying !!!
DJ, promoter, organiser of dj parties from 2002r.
Selectively selected works from techno eld, resulted in the future in the essay
\ "peculiar \" , unique style of playing.
He is linking trucks - into one's own, unique way and creating in the process cohesive, many times of several hours.
Artur chose to do techno music , in His own NEW way .... as eld where He can express his feelings.
When he is creates new music truck - sometimes involving all of His family in it , them voices and sounds :) and it is always so surprising and interesting. He is constantly experimenting with sounds . He always try to do smoething new and original ( sounds ) .
Artur - believes that music is the best form of communication !!! and his biggest dream is , to get it every time , when someone listens to his music track, always had shivers on the skin :) and he is so happy when his music moves the people heart and moves the crowds !!!
Cooperates with the Polish brand INSTYTUT