- Heinrich Matis


You don't know me. Yet.Most of the time, this is the place where artists try to tellother people who are involved in electronic music in any waywhy they should like an artist, hype his releases and spreadthe word.But since I'm not the kind of guy who loves to write laudatoryspeeches for himself all day long, I figured I might as welljust tell the people something about me and my artistry, ifthey haven't stopped reading yet.Born in the former soviet republic, raised in Germany,currently residing in Vienna, I'm producing electronic musicand video, four to the floor rhythm, you know the deal.If I had to describe my music in a couple of words, it wouldbe something like deep, dark, sometimes even techy housemusic, vicious drums, heartfelt grooves.Other than that, I direct, shoot and edit videos every nowand then - it is kind of my second passion next to music.Since I'm studying as well, there is not too much out therefrom me yet. But that should change in 2013.So be prepared and watch outStuff's going to get previewed here soon, so stay tuned tobe the first to know