- Haus Klaus


to describe HAUS KLAUS aptly, you really don´t need many words. the talented artist devotes his body and soul to the music and unlike anyone else he lose hisself in his passion as musican. since 1993 he has been mesmerize the audience with his particular feeling to combine music and entertaiment. with his very own and exceptionally sound, which moves from minimal-house, electro and minimal-techno, he has been played hisself deeply into the mind and the dancing feet of electronic music lovers. his music reflects the emotion of the talented artist, what you clearly can hear, see and feel, when HAUS KLAUS stands behind the turntables. he really fires the party freaks up and he always celebrates wildly with the audience. to call him only a dj is much inadequate, it is more appropriate to talk from a entertainer. while his sets he continually fill the dancing mob with enthusiasm with very new and fancy specials and extravagant animations, which even can range through to spectacul ar indoor pyroshows. his rare talent, to draw the people under his spell and on the floors, makes him an indispensable dj. ... www.styledriver.eu