- Hansmann & Klausing


People meet random, in a dark and smoky club. No Face, only this voice rises up and sticks in the air. Compliments after an extensive dance. Than: a short smile, another meeting and somehow, you are starting to do some music. First it is a joke, a sunday-thing, digging for desires which are there for a long time. Than you push the button, you are recording this wicked improvisation and you have the idea of this music on a big stage.Similar like this, the fog is not only in the room but also over the memories, Hansmann & Klausing meet the first time. Martin Hansmann, singer and songwriter, wild minded and steadily buzzing human, was and is part of several successful Combos like „Lilabungalow“ and „Klinke auf Cinch“. His counterpart, Sebastian Klausing, member of „Northern Lite“, knows the controllers and keys. Since years he is packing electronic music on compilations and he absorbs every good sound of each time and builds up his own world from this, also as DJ.And than somebody is sitting in the kitchen of his living community with a good coffee. Beside he hears about this idea and finally he is also spending his sunday in this self tinkered studio. Robert Fränzel, professional musician, saxophonist, jazzman and maverick tunes in and bends the sounds.And because you are going between creative persons every weekend, those three guys snapping also Alaa Zouiten, who is a master of the Oud, like it was his only childhood friend.And than they are coming closer to theirs desires, morphing it and playing.