- Hair Band Drop-Out


Andy’s primary inspiration for music came at a very early age from his Father who was in fact, a DJ himself. Specializing in Disco, Funk, Jazz and the groovier side of Rock’n’Roll. However, it wasn’t until a move to Manchester and what was to become regular visits to the now legendary Hacienda that the idea of buying Turntables popped into Mind. Upgrading from bedroom to club dj, Andy played clubs & bars all around Manchester and Leeds before taking an offer to cross the Channel and venture onto German territory. There, with Hamburg as his base he continued dj’ing on various circuits including Amsterdam, Ibiza, Barcelona and major events such as Love Parade, Mayday & G-Move which took him into the studio for the 1st time to experience the world of production. Since making the move to the States Andy has been fortunate enough to have spun in various cities including Atlanta, New York, Philadelphia, Miami, Seattle & Tampa. Now a family man Andy is settled in Saint Petersburg where he now calls home and is mastering the art of production under the monikers, All Wheel Drive, Hair Band Drop-Out & The Oddest Prime Keep your eyes and ears open for my releases on labels such as Crescent Records, Club 66, Happy Days Rec's, Mandelstam Music, Divine Techno & Dicerecs as - All Wheel Drive, Hair