- Haik Solar


Haik Solar (Hayk Harut yunyan) – (member of Apricot a commercial project) studied music in the Yerevan Komitas State Conservatory from 2002-2007, faculty of wind instruments. Although he was learning classical music but by the time he began to show an interest to electronic music as well which in 2006 became a reason to take DJing classes in school of DJ Groove, Moscow. Returning back to Armenia in the same year he wrote a song for hip-hop/R’n'B band H.A.Y.Q. “Qami Pchi” which later became the Hit Of The Year and won the award of Armenian Music Awards. Later one of the authors of the song “Boom Boom” – national choice for the Eurovision Song Contest 2011. Till present days Hayk Harutyunyan is known as a member of “Apricota” project which produces commercial hit music for Armenian music industry and at the same time taking part at parties as a guest DJ.