- Hadjas


Hadjas aka JayDee Dela was born in Slavonski Brod, Croatia.He has been showing the big interest for music since he was a child,esspecialy for Disco, Dance and House type genres.He enters the world of mixing in 2004, and as he was a fast learner,soon he starts to play music for the first time at one smaller disco clubnear his citywhere he had been a resident dj for over a year.After that, he continious to play but in various clubs in Slavonski Brod.At 2007 he begining to try his self at producing and remixing. Because he was so fascinated by the new things he can also be good at,he puts dj-ing job on a second place, and he has put his attentionfor learning the basics of proffesional producing.Oldies hits was the most remixed genre of music he was putting attention on,But he wasnt publish his work to the internet so far, instead, he was using themfor his private sets and mega-mixes.On 2011 he joins the 'Liveinthemix Compilation Contest' and he wins it with aProgressive House style song which was his first original finished track and also his first try at this specific style.The winning song name is: Moonset' and its released by 'Bedroomrecords09' label 26.06.2012...also, the track appeared on „Green Gold Music Compilation“ sponsored by 'Green Gold Club' from Zagreb.The win at a contest kept him going for more, so he decided to make music faster and better.Soon, he is joining the second remix contest for Steve Aokies song, and he made it even more progressive than he did before.Now he work with Tech House sound’s under Hadjas alias. The first tracks name is: Here We Go Again....It can be said by now that he is preparing a lot of new works ready to be lunched to the people out there, with a support by Playone, D'Knock, DJ Fresh Jay, Eddie Amador, Ivan Mastermix, Maarcos...