- H3adfunk


DJ H3ADFUNK, born 25.02.1993Already as a small child he discovered his passion to the music. Every day he sat before the Laptop/Computer and watched live performing gig's from DJ's like Tiësto, Armin van Buuren more and more...Then he got his first Keyboard (Yamaha DX7) from Father, he was jubilant. Each day he learned Chords chords chords...'1-2 Jears later he has Downloaded a free demo of Fruity Loops & Cubase SX, he began to search for Samples, he find them and mix them Club like, hours.He got from the father, a DJ controller Behringer BCD3000,after two jears Pioneer CDJ400 Players and DJM400 Mixer.He worked his way up and was booked numerous.His style is a mix of progressive house and big room drops…Now he has a own Studio and produce daily new songs andremixes and weekends is he almost always booked...A little story from H3ADFUNK's life.