- Gutto Serta


Gutto Serta is a musician and producer/dj originally from Brazil. Since childhood, he has displayed a keen interest in all things musical and a desire to develop an understanding of several musical instruments. At the age of 17, he started a live project where he played live percussion alongside his dj partner in tandem. It has given him the opportunity to play for many audiences and a chance to hone his skills specifically as a live performance artist. In 2012 released the EP called "All My Love" by Italian GreelPound Label, played by Solomun and had positive feedbacks from Axel Bartsch, Tim Green and H.O.S.H. At the same year, reached top #01 at CrossTech Records from London, with the EP called "Speechless". His taste blends organic and digital sounds and the overall effect is a musical vision that speaks to the soul of it's listeners. Gutto is always looking for new waves and trends in dance music, bringing a mix of deep, techno and minimal sub genres.