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Frank Oviedo better known by his artistic name Grovenstein(born March 19th of 1991, on Granada, Nicaragua) is aNicaraguan dj and producer. Actually is number 12 on "the djlist" from Nicaragua. At 14 years old, he entered on theaudio and music editing world with an old program calledadobe audition, in 2007 at the age of 16, he entered on thedjing, playing just for fun every weekend on a club named"Broder", "Hippa-Hippa" and some other places.At the end of 2008 he had an accident where he lost 80% ofmobility in his left arm and left him in a wheelchair for twoyears, in his recuperation time, improves his skills in themixes and production skills.From 2011 to present, he was given the opportunity to playin some private events and gigs, been a collaborator from"Coolture T V", "Coolture Radio", "Radio La Mark", "RadioElectronica" and more.Since 2013 he is judge from a dj concourse called "LaBatalla de los Djs", this concourse is made every year.Grovenstein works with:Groovytech Records (Spain)Nicaragua Groove Records (Nicaragua)Progressive Love Records (Italy)MadRat Productions (El Salvador)WannaDance Music (Spain)