- Groove Addiction


Do you like to dance? Do you really like to dance? In that case let me present to you Groove Addiction, they are the dancing devils because they play the sound that push everybody to the dance floor, even those that don’t know how to dance. Leading de night at the clubs where they go playing grooving and happy house music with a lot of percussion, they create a huge interaction with the party people. Dance floor is Groove Addiction’s sanctuary and they like to see and put everybody praying... «Groove Addiction live act» is a project that joins the music producers, Dj Da Fonseca and percussionist Alex Magni. They are the number one “live act” in Portugal and they play all over the country on major Clubs and events with great success because the party people love their groovy and dancing music. They are much requested all over the country, but also out of it, where they frequently play in countries like France, Belgium Germany, Spain, Switzerland and Luxemburg . Groove Addiction released already dozens of tracks in different labels, like Brazilian «Da Sound», North-Americans «Next Dimension Music», «Surge», Frenchs «Atlantic Digital» and «Armagis», Portuguese’s Pandora, Cool Beat records and majors Kaos, Farol and Vidisco. Their songs are usually in the top selling house music compilations on CD and they are responsabell for the major dance hits in Portugal. Soul house music with Latin passion is what this duo does better and the crowd loves it because the sound is groovy and made for the dance floor. So, be addicted to the groove!