- Greg.


Grigoris Venetis is a dj-producer in the fields of electronic music. Grigoris, alias "GREG.", started becoming well-known to the public through his experimentations with the Deep House and Techno genres.It was back in 1998 when the vibes of electronic music firstly stimulated his ear and revealed to him a new amazing world,a journey into the depths of music and djing.Greg began to show his interest in electronic music from the age of 16, back in 2003.He started djing in various clubs of his home town and later his talent spread all over Greece.Undoubtedly, his music has a great appeal to the public and he has already brought together a great number of supporters.As far as production is concerned,Greg made his first attempts back in 2007 when his very first innovative pieces of music were composed inside his home-made studio.Eventually, he will soon be rewarded for all the struggle and sacrifices he has made. In the upcoming year, the first samples of his personal music production are going to be released on vinyl as well as in digital version.