- Gramma Funk


“I SEE YOU BABY, SHAKIN' DAT ASS!” The Next Time You're Partying And You Hear “I See You Baby" Remember Who Gave It To You, “The Mistress Of Oral Communications”- Gramma Funk! Gramma Funk Travelled To London To Write And Record Her Vocals For "In My Bones" And "I See You Baby" One Of The Stand Out Tracks From Groove Armada's Acclaimed “Vertigo" Album On Sony Records...Since Then Gramma Funk Has Been Re-Writing Her Own History. Dub Tiger, Matt Moore Ft. Gramma Funk “Cash Money Honey" – Plastik Galaxy Records Bronx Cheer Ft. Gramma Funk "Do Do Funk" - Tall House Digital Southside House Collective Ft. Gramma Funk "Off The Wall" - disco:wax/Sony Records Michael M. Imhof Ft. Gramma Funk "Burn Baby Burn" & "Spirit" - Peppermint Jam Records Groove Armada ft. Gramma Funk ‘In My Bones’ - ‘I See You Baby’ Which Can Be Heard In the Nike+Fuelband-Count Jam TV Ad - Sony Records Andy Caldwell ft. Gramma Funk ‘Funk Nasty’ Grammy Nominated Single – Uno Recordings Oversoul Ft. Gramma Funk ‘Universal Unfolding’ - DJ Pippi’s Undiscovered Ibiza II Illicit Ft. Gramma Funk ‘Cheeky Armada’ - Azuli\Yola Records Giddy Aunt (ATFC) & Psychobitch (DJ Smokin’ Jo) Ft. Gramma Funk ‘Git In Where Ya Fit In’ - Onephatdeeva Recordings Openair Ft. Gramma Funk ‘Hi Roller’ - Oven Ready Records