- Gokhan Guney


" I think, I can not be anywhere else... When I first saw the electronic music scene I said 'That's it!' but when I saw Underground music scene I finally found exactly what I am looking for! I pushed myself to get there and I will continue to do that till the end!" Gokhan says.Gokhan Guney was born in cold winter day at January 1990 in Ankara - Turkey. He was always interested in music and that's why he took courses about musical theory and keyboard. At the begining of 2008 as he started to become impatient, Gokhan started to work for making a quality music with his creativity and his experience which increased day by day. Gokhan(also called by some, GG), produced few tracks and decided to send them to some major undeground labels and they released his tracks as Gokhan's first EP under the name "Senseless EP". After that, he began to work harder and he met with Emrah Celik. Emrah Celik requested a remix for Combiotic(which is first remix of Gokhan). When Combiotic Remix EP released, Gokhan's remix reached Beatport Top 100 Minimal Chart(11. place). He has also created more charted tracks and become a featured artist.Gokhan is currently working on new projects and always in action. Try to catch his gigs in Ankara.info@gokhanguneygg.com https://www.facebook.com/gokhanguneygg https://www.facebook.com/GokhanGuneyMusic http://www.myspace.com/guneygokhanht t p://soundcloud.com/gokhanguney https://twitter.com/#!/IamrealGG