- Glanz & Ledwa


They are label heads, Visionary, Dj partner, but most importantly they are friends. There is hardly a DJ-team that is so young and yet has so many references and experience, as the two Mecklenburger’s.2008 in Ibiza came the idea to make their dream come true. In a difficult time for Record labels, Damm Records, grew rapidly to an emergend Company. With Monday morning, the two quickly attracted the attention of clubs, bookers and Dj's. the Raveline wrote: Monday Morning describes as the opener hardly a "normal" Monday morning, which is actually connected with work and get up early. Much more, this piece can been joyed on an early Monday morning on a dance floor. With sweet sounds of inspiring beat this framework is to model after-hour track. And they were right . There was hardly no DJ who didnt play it . With „Schizophrenia EP“ the two – now living in berlin – made all critics fall silent. There are many remixes and gigs followed across Germany. In December, they released their third EP. Anyone who has ever experienced bot h live and know where t he ot her t rack is again a chaotic emerged.