- Gize


Christopher Gizewski aka Gize got in touch with electronic music the first time in 1996. His interest growth the more and more. At the age of sixteen his frequency of visiting clubs rises. During this time Gize observed the DJ ́s doing their work. The now coming way was clear. To internalize the art of DJing, Gize visited the Vibra School in Dortmund in May 2006. His ambition paid of fast. Half of a year later he played the first time at the Suite33 and on the Juicy Beats festival in Dortmund. The foundation for further gigs was build up and smoothed down the way for the Pottcast Party. After a few successful Party ́s, Gize got resident and main organizer of the Pottcast Party in Gelsenkirchen.After a few years Gize started to produce his own tracks and his first releases followed....