- GiddiBangBang


GiddiBangBang is an up and coming DJ and producer from Brunswick, Germany. With his raw, bass driven tech house sound, he is beginning to make waves on the German club scene. He has already released several tracks for well respected labels, and is ready to introduce himself to a wider audience in 2020 with a steady stream of innovative new dance tracks. After several years of honing his craft, GiddiBangBang released his rst track on OKNF in 2015. With a highly melodic sound equally indebted to Hip Hop
as to Techno and House, he caught the attention of the EDM world. He went
on to release tracks with several more prominent labels, including First Edition, House of Hustle, Groovement, BADLQQK, OFDM Records, Brash Beats and many more. After turning heads with his recordings, he made his live debut in 2019. He played his rst club gigs in Hamburg, Hannover, Nuremberg and Brunswick to increasingly enthusiastic audiences. With a growing reputation for good vibes and all night parties, GiddiBangBang plans to spend the next years bringing dance oors to life across Germany and beyond.