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 - Gianluigi Di Russo


GIANLUIGI DI RUSSO finds himself at the age of nineteen, being one of leading producers of a well known international label Mcgroove Records. A label that has released records from world class dj's such as : EGOSTEREO, SANDRINO BEESLEY, DANNY MINKELLA, MARCO DASSI, TOM STEPHAN, ALDRIN, ALBERT VORNE, SANTIAGO NINO, OLIVER LANG, ALEX DOLBY, MINICOOLBOYZ, JESSE VOORN, ROBIN HIRTE, NAMITO, JAY KAY… Gianluigi loves both Progressive and Techno and find his style in the middle of these two genres. He's been charted in Beatport Top 100 downloads more than once. Gianluigi is also a very talented remixer and has already had the chance to proove it working with world class talents such as egostereo (Renaissance Recordings), Sandrino Beesley & Danny Minkella (Baroque), Cid Inc ( Afterglow Recordings), Sandri & Danny ( Mcgroove) to name a few… on various international first class labels too: Baroque, Frenetica, Toca 45 (TOCADISCO's label). With Sandrino Beesley and danny Minkella he plays a leading role in Mcgroove records. Many many tunes are yet to come.