- Gian Carlo


Hailing from Central America and transplanted to the U.S.,traveling as far as Japan, Gian grew up absorbing variouscultures which give him his diverse sound. Progressive innot only his lifestyle, Gian's roots in Trance run thespectrum from driving to dark and lush to techy - releasingmusic on labels such as: Christopher Lawrences' PharmacyMusic, Steve Birches' Spaced Out Recordings, and Funk LabRecords. After being invited to one of dance music's mostwell known gatherings, Winter Music Conference(Miami) hehit the studio with full force while entranced by Psychedelicmusic. Gian is hard at work with forthcoming Full-On &Dark/Progressive releases. Expect techy to drivingbasslinesand complex creations ranging from hypnotic toenergizing, with his own dynamic touch. Incorporating HDvisual projections and multi-colored laser light, prepare toembark on an aural driven vision quest.