- Gi.U.


Ginka Uchkova a.k.a. Gi.U. was born in Bulgaria. Her addiction to music began in the childhood while attending piano lessons and singing in choirs. In 2002 she began her training in classical singing and graduated in high school with profile "Music". In 2010 she obtained a master degree with specialty "Music master” in opera singing. In February 2011 she discovered the magic of music production software and 6 days later she created the EP "6 days", which included the tracks "What you need" and "Emotion". The production of electronic music started for her as an experiment and soon became a passion. Several months later she enrolled in Audio Engineering Course at Sofia University, Bulgaria.She enjoys the challenges and the opportunities that the cutting edge music technology offers today. In her recent tracks she found a successful synergy between her classical background and the sound of modern genres such as trance, house etc. Gi.U.’s style shows the beauty of the opera singing empowered with the nearly endless possibilities of the electronic sound.Stay tuned for her future releases and updates.