Young Electronic Music based artist GEOTHEORY (all caps) quickly finds his true calling in making what he refers to as "Futuristic Japan" style of music, and takes a very heavy influence from Japanese culture. Growing up in New York City, he learned to adapt and love all types of music by all types of people. That is quite significant in the blending of his sounds and styles. From listening to House, UK Garage, Classic Hip Hop, and Dnb/Breaks/Jungle on vinyl with his Father since birth, and being raised on Latin Music, Soul, and old school RnB with his family it isn't very hard to demonstrate his diversity and emotion in the music he produces. Keep your eye's peeled for this dude."I don't want to be just another one trick pony, I want people to not only feel the emotion behind the notes, but bring everyone together by blending so many styles into one!" - Joseph [GEOTHEORY]