- George Dey


Based in the North East of the UK.Growing up, George listened to all genres of music, with his favourite artist's being Above & Beyond, Linkin Park and Deadmau5. He then started to develop a love for underground music in 2015, where he picked up 'DJing'. Having started 'DJing' in the latter part of 2015, he has secured residencies at several nightclubs across Newcastle, UK, such as: Madame Koo, Tup Tup Palace and the Cosmic Ballroom, with an event called 'KARMA'. His current favourite artist's in the House scene include: Jamie Jones, Dario D'Attis, Marco C and Josh Butler.George started producing in the summer of 2017, and already has several releases under his belt. After signing his first record at the beginning of 2018 for 'Yoo'nek Records', he went on to release on labels such as 'NACHT' and 'Do What We Want Records'.George's latest release in D3W's 'Supermodel EP', with his remix of D3W's 'Supermodel', reached number 20 in the Tech House release charts.With several more releases in the pipeline, as well as his residency spots, it's clear that George has a bright future ahead of him.Booking info and enquires: georgedeymusic@gmail.com