- George Alvarado


Over The last Decades George Alvarado a.k.a The Latenight Laboratory has made it's mark in music Industry. The Combine influence of DJing, Record label Owner, Music Store Owner, Producer and Remixer has placed him as a big part of the Underground Dance movement in South Florida. George is adept at shifting between Genres of Electronic Dance Music like House, Tech House & Techno. He is also driven by a relentless passion for music, striving to stay on top of the underground scene he’s helped to grow in South Florida.George was the first DJ to spin Electronic dance music on commercial radio in South Florida. He continues to work towards building a Global Brand as a DJ/Producer/Remixer.DISCOGRAPY/PRODUCTIONSGeorge has produced the following productions:Can You dig itThere's something about the music I want to rock your bodyI am the CreatorThe RhythmFeel ItCan you feel itGlobal RhythmsThe Sound of DubaiThe Beat of the DrumsDrums From IndiaMiami VibesHavana NightsHouse VibesSunrise SunriseFeel They Rhythm The HumanoidEnergy FlashPump This Sound Angel Of LightTribal NationThis is My House Future Sunrise Sounds of Evolution Sounds of Arabia African SunsetSpaceMiami 2 London Echoes From IbizaAll right All rightKeep on pumping it up Space TranceGet Into the Music The Conclusion Dance to the Rhythm The World Groove The Trance MindgameTunnelChangesJamCome onHouse Your BodyLABEL OWNERBeing the First Underground Record Label in South Florida, He produced His first Underground 12" record called "House Your Body". George produced his first album under the pseudonym, Techman 1. Following this he released over 60 different projects with some legendary producers, such as, Noel Sanger, Robbie Rivera, Oscar G, Ralph Falcon, Peter Presta & Charles Webster (UK). Nitebeat Released Various CD Compilations all over the World,