- Garry Gagarryn


Garry Gagarryn - Live-musician and producer, born 2 February1984 in Belarus. He has created music professiоnally since 2009. After having lived in Berlin for 6 years, he loves and considers this city as the best city for creative work and free live. Garry Gagarryn is a calm intellectual person with never resting mind for discovering something new. He has learnt craftmanship of music creation and convergence by himself for 7 years and still developes his skills. This is the man of a high requirements for the quality of track and sound. His favourite released genre is Techno in all its variations. Being a young man, neverthereless, he knows well how to use old-school high-grade themes from different genres. The main part of Garry Gagarryna's tracks is a story created and announced to listeners. The story of each musical composition exposes and takes us away from conscious reality helping to forget about hard life situation.