- Gancher & Ruin


Gancher & Ruin is a Russian electronic music project consisting of two twin brothers Alexey & Dmitry. Combining a several sub genres of drum and bass the Boys quickly found their own signature style, combining frantic breakbeats and complex arrangements, resulting in a hi-voltage musical assault. They have also been instrumental in establishing the "crossbreed" sub genre across a wider audience.Having worked in the music industry since 16, the Twins are one of first Russian Drum & Bass Artists headlining regularly over the Europe.They’re famous especially for their great shows and production which brings fantastic emotions and a great push of adrenalin to the audience.With every release from Gancher & Ruin it is easy to see how fast they emerge as artists and how easy they broaden their music horizons.Unstoppable energy of these two has been spread to a numerous of sample packs they have released.