- Galtier


Amongst the ever expanding collective of today’s club music DJ’s and producers, Galtier stands out boldly with a unique approach to what is already a highly diverse realm of the electronic music culture.Early endeavours into his interest in club music found Galtier spinning Drum & Bass tunes from the age of 16 on the southeast coast of Australia. Not content on the one style however, Galtier began to explore other genres over the span of the past 8 years, drawing from House, Techno, Dubstep, and UK Garage, finally discovering the freedom and possibilities within the global club music scene. Fast-forward to 2017, Galtier now calls Bristol home.Through this and his other influences, Galtier manages to identify as a standalone producer through applying his deep interest in other areas of cultural media to his sound, moving laterally away from the linear. His distinctive interest in rhythm and percussion - coupled with a love for 1980’s science fiction, fantasy, anime and action films that he grew up watching - help sculpt his compositions into imaginative, thematic club tracks.