- Gakst3r


Who Is Gakst3r?Teenage connoisseur of sexy tunes Gakst3r consistentlydemonstrates a passion for carefully articulated musicalworks of art. Genre and creative barriers are irrelevant toGakst3r whose musical repertoire consists of a variety ofPop, Club and Deep House pieces.Formulating his interest in writing and producing music fromthe age of ten. His musical tendencies came from a youngage, with a passion up to this day for Classical andFlamenco guitar, some of which is expressed into his cluband pop tracks. He prides himself on producing uniqueoriginal productions as well as club shaking remixes forother artists. Gakst3r is also no stranger to the microphoneor the lyrics writing process. The voice of the “G to the K”claims centre stage on a majority of Gakst3r’s pop tracks.All in all his variety of skills allow him to be perceived notjust as a dj, but as a true artist.