- G-Lontra


Born in a very musical family with a composer / producer as a father and a songwriter & music manager as mother. G-lontra (Jan van Otterdijk ) started making music @ a very young age. As from the age of 5 he started taking piano and violin lessons. He sang, rapped and acted in several productions and was very close involved in the activities of his parents. As a teenager he teached himself to play the guitar and drums and started to make his own productions on the computer. After highschool he started to work fulltime @ the office & Studio’s of Piapella Music as a producer and manager for several artists. In the studio he made a lot of different genre’s of music and remixes and started spinning records as a DJ.He scores his first hit with "GIVE" The official theme song for Extrema Outdoor 2009.This track entered #1 in the single top 100, and his second number one "Fill Me Up". He works with many big artist an producers from all around the world and does performances all over Europe. G-Lontra is the owner of Record & Publishing company Piapella.