- Fyrone


FYRONE'S VISIONDestined to make an impact with the strength of sound.As a powerful force, music will evolve into a spiritual experience which goes way beyond the event itself, inspiring the listener into their day to day life.FYRONE'S STORY:As a former bass player of several funk and rock orientated bands, Fyrone began developing his interest in electronic music when he came in close contact with local aspiring DJ’s and producers. Together they shared influences of various house and techno sub-genres, and taught the ‘act of production’ with techniques and know-how to each other.With a brand new nightlife club opening in town, Fyrone and his fellow companions took the opportunity to set up an inspiring platform of dance music, in a place where this seemed to be gone since the rise of the 90’s. As a reference to a new start, Reset was born.As a resident DJ and host of Reset, Fyrone played at numerous club nights, boat- and afterparties, alongside upcoming artists of the new generation like Malin Genie, John Dimas and Lazare Hoche, which are a main inspiration of Fyrone and his fellows. Without doubt, these nights inspired Fyrone to fully focus on the future, and develop his own production even more, which now resides into a rolling tech house sound, mainly driven by deep kicks and a rich bass sound.