- Fuzzy Lc


A music lover since he was a kid, Fuzzy Lc has always had turntables in his room. He started by playing for privat e part ies t hen in bars and clubs of his cit y, besides his job.Feeling his passion growing, he decided in 2010 to leave his job in order to devote himself full time to musicCompletely self-taught, he started producing music in 2011 and he was rewarded for his work, since in 2012 he released a track at Mare Records (Germany), three at Ulysses Records (Russia), then at Perfect Driver (USA) and Boomtic Records (UK).Since a year, Fuzzy Lc created French Kiddiz With Fabien MauryPrague, New York, Miami... Fuzzy Lc has played in famous international clubs such as Amnesia in Miami, the Roxy and Sasazu in Prague or in Alger.He has also been given the opportunity to play next to the best international DJs: Dj Getdown, Beat Torrent, Elisa Do Brazil, Missill, Chinese man, C2C ... Fuzzy Lc is also an official DJ for Sports events such as t he Nat ural Games in Millau and t he FISE in Mont pellier. Today, Fuzzy Lc is a full dj-producer who has succeeded in making a difference thanks to his personal style, yet eclectic and accessible to everyone.Real fan of music, he pays attention to the slightest detail. Between studio and club, he keeps on progressing in order to present his audience with ever more amazing sets.From pop to electro, from funk to hip hop, Fuzzy Lc knows his classics.