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Futurecop! are British electronic musicians consisting of childhood best friends Manzur Iqbal and Peter Carrol.Growing up Manzur and Peter were into punk pop / power pop, bands such as Weezer, The Get Up Kids and Saves the Day. They always had an interest in 80s / early 90s pop culture, such as its video games, movie soundtracks, anime, and fantasy. However their real passion was to re-create their nostalgic vintage synth melodies that would take them back to their childhood days.So after University, Manzur spent all of his time re-creating the sound of his childhood, with no previous knowledge of electronic production. He was armed with a laptop, a broken midi keyboard and a pirated music program called Reason. Peter around this time started DJing around London and introduced Manzur to electro-disco french bands like Justice, Ed Banger and Daft Punk. The combination of each other's musical journeys; resulted in Futurecop!Thanks to internet attention from popular blogs and support from various musicians, Futurecop! gained a significant following, especially with their tracks “N.A.S.A” "Tonite's Hero" and “Transformers.”In 2009, they released their debut EP “The Unicorn & the Lost City of Alvograth,” with Southern Fried recordsIn 2010 they released a 14 track album for record label Media Factory. This was a Japan only release, named; 'it's Forever, Kids.' This album allowed Futurecop! to experiment with their sound outside their humble bedrooms and and into professional studios, with singers and other producers that they met while touring.In 2011, Futurecop! released their second EP (The Adventures of Starpony). T heir remix of T he Naked & Famous's 'Young Blood,' was played by international House DJ Tiesto in his world tour.In 2012 saw the release of their EP - 'The Movie OST,' via Kiez Beats Records, this was an electronic instrumental soundtrack, created for a made up vintage fantasy movie and encapsulating their previous 3 years of music they made. They then went on to release their first two singles - "Starworshipper" and "The Only Way" in mid-2012.2013-09-28 04:02:35 Futurecop!Futurecop! will be releasing their next full length album Hopes, Dreams & Alienation," The album is based around concepts of coming of age, it will be more disco oriented and is influenced by their teenage musical influences of punk pop / power pop bands.