- Fuselage


Fuselage positively dive-bombed the international breaks scene in 1998 with two explosive releases recorded by the legendary Shades of Rhythm / DrumAttic Twins in their Peterborough studio: Ponk Rock, and the Put Your Foot Down EP which carried the legendary track Seize the Time, a piece of music that epitomised breakbeat’s golden era with its huge, rattling chunky beats and cheeky samples grabbed from jazz, hip-hop and funk.Still as relevant as they were over two decades ago, Pedro Melero and Darren Jiggins’ pure grooves and jazz breaks have now found a home and a new legion of fans on London funk imprint Bona Fido, with some fresh remastering, brand new mixes and explosive original material set to full thrust... The word is now, Seize the Time!https://www.facebook.com/fuselageuk/