- Fur DJ's


A sound, a vibe, an ambient, a sensation, a moment to keep in mind. A kiss, a flirt, a look, an audio and visual adventure; put people togheter, conect them to each other and create a cool vibe. That’s FUR DJs! All of this seems natural, spontaneous and real. “From the cold of southern winter, come the Wolves to take the children of the night for an endless party”. "Its all about the way you look at things; you need to see them from a different angles, see whats is missing, what should be there, but is not". # Deep House # Pop #Techno #House https://www.facebook.com/furdjshttps://soundcloud.com/furdjs https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCh2o8a9tn51vBh8YC6YoiA furdjs@gmail.com