- Fundamental Harmonics


French producer based in Bangkok, Baptiste got into the electronic music fever when working as an advertising programmer for the Parisian DJ station Radio FG in 1998.He first released a five-tracks 12” “Onset Asynchrony EP” (CB21) under the name Ab Mauer, on parisian hard- techno label Chronobrain (owned by Chris Carrier& Guillaume La Tortue) in 1999.During 2005, one demo is given to Laurent Garnier during a night at the Rex Club, and a few days later Laurent and Eric Morand signed the track Coral Cove “Northbridge” for the downtempo CD compilation “Megasoft office 2005” on F-Communications.Also into sound design, Baptiste worked with creative french director Julien David and was sound editor for trashy series “Les multiples” shown on french TV net work Canal + during 2005.Sound design for “Whispering ghost” as well, directed by thai artist Taiki Sakpisit which won a Vichamatra award at the Thai short film festival 2009.In 2011 Fundamental Harmonics “Transform& unite” 5 tracks EP is released on USA Import music.In 2012 Baptiste feels the need to enlarge the universe around his musical compositions, and decides t o launch his own label: Lepton Quark Records.The first EP “Material Matters” was released in july 2012 and received warm support from Slam, Renato Cohen, Angel Molina, Bushwacka!, Kiki, Patrick Zigon, Dirt Crew, Bubba among others...Baptiste is Dj’ing as well with Wrong Disco collective (DJ Will, Baptiste + VJ Jung-chul), bringing a fresh creative techno house vibe coupled with novative visuals in the Bangkok’s nightlife.