- Fulgurant


Fulgurant, With the Real name " Mehdi Lashkari " Is an Iranian Producer Born in 1994 in Gorgan. He Likes to Produce Every style he gets interested in and has produced in different styles so far , and he wants to continue it that way there is no ultimate style , there never will be! he first got a touch on Guitars at the age of 15, after a year or two of his training he leaved i the found he doesn't just want to play instruments and be a player , he actually wants to compose and make music specially in (( Electronic Music )) Genre he knew his main passion was making and producing music, so after 2 years of learning he started so Produce music at the age of 18, he worked with several international Singers and has released several tracks so far and he hops to continue this path with passion for the years to come...