- Fugitiv


FUGITIV is a Venezuelan electronic music band formed by Alejandro Molinari and Ignacio Itriago. Alejandro Molinari, a musician and electronic music producer, has released tracks with Blindetonation, NEIN Records, Emerald & Doreen and other labels. With a background in classical rock from the 1970’s, Ignacio Itriago complements the band with a collection of rare and hallucinatory sounds. In the context of the Venezuela’s dictatorship and economic crisis, Ignacio Itriago began collecting vintage synthesizers from the 1970’s and 80’s, amassing an ensemble of analogue frequencies that define the band’s musical personality. Strongly influenced by post-punk and darkwave from the 1980’s, the cavernous voice of Alejandro Molinari speaks of bodies as vehicles, meditation breathing, arcane gods and newfound planets. FUGITIV’s unhurried ambient tracks draw influences from Angel Rada, the experimental musician from the 1970s, and from the obscure Solfeggio Scale used by monks in the Middle Ages. FUGITIV is music for the 5th dimension.Now based in Berlin, FUGITIV’s upcoming releases are the EP Breath & Dance with NEIN Records and the EP Body Vehicles with the French label Mange Moi.