- Fudge Fingas


Fudge Fingas has been making music - give or take – for all of his life. He has also been playing other peoples’ in public for at least half of that time, selling their records for some kind of a living all the while. His most lauded works thus far have been released by such well regarded record labels as Firecracker Recordings and Prime Numbers. These highly covetable releases have been picked up and played by music lovers all over the globe. Always serving the music first and not in a hurry to chase the limelight, he has only allowed small portions of his own sounds to be heard over the years – from left of centre jazzy meanderings, to mind bending deep house, through rough and ready techno, back to psychedelically soulful late night jams. It seems, though, that the time is now right for his eclectic sound, easy going attitude and esoteric philosophies to make the leap from his mind to yours. So, expect to hear a lot more from this being in the future…