- Freekazoidz


Freekazoidz began this journey of music and family long ago in the mighty shadow of Mt. Rainer in Washington State. For this is where OCnotes (Otis Calvin III) and Thrills (Devlin Gormally) met as teenagers and formed a brotherhood, of not just loving music, but making it too.From that time to this, throughout ups and downs, they have remained connected and supportive in their collaborations (beginning as SubPhilo), their solo endeavors, and now with their new project - Freekazoidz. A culmination of sound, love, and time.Influenced by music from throughout time and genres, they have each brought their passions to the shared table and worked together to filter their musical histories into brand new sounds. House, Funk, Disco, Soul, Techno, Acid, Hip Hop, Ambient. Rock and freaking Roll.With releases already out on Seven Davis Jr's "Secret Angels" imprint as well as their own Purple Sky Music label, you can count on much more to be coming down the pike to a dance floor near you.Now is the time, wherever is the place - to get down dancing, all over Earth's face. Freekazoidz Unite!