- Fred Spiders


Fred Spiders is an Italian DJ producer.He began his career at the beginning of the '90s influenced by '70s disco, '80s pop and rock music, but what really involved him was TECHNO music. In that period in Italy, as in the rest of the world, a lot of DJ producers released techno records.Next, the deeper, softer and soulful house music sounds fascinated him and it has become his favourite genre adapting it to his style.He has been playing in numerous clubs and parties of his city.Though faithful to his genre and tastes, Fred Spiders is not indifferent to the multiplication of styles in all their musical nuances and he offers a crescendo of sonorities from the softer to the hardest.He is fond of vinyl records and technology, which mixes up to create different sets according to the contexts.He defines himself an open minded dj who hates prejudices. He loves sharing multiply sound experiences with people having a similar passion in contexts where Music is at the centre.