- Frank Serin


Frank Serin is a young DJ / Producer multifacetic of electronic music from Peru, finding in his sound melodies that catch, atmospheres that make you trip and a groove full of energy, start your career at 18 old debuting their first single "La Sonrisa de la Mujer" in the London label Chapter 24 Records which had very good reception and was touched by many recognized artirtas. At age 19, Frank debuts in Manual Music with his EP called "Beyond Flying". Beginning to capture the attention of several producers and began to collaborations with some artists that he knew along the way, is so for the first time would join forces with the artist French “Le Monkey” to work on the EP called "Saposoa" on the label Carton Pate Records, from that moment many artists have sent their support to the music that has been doing, Frank found harmony, peace and love towards music and is what motivates him to continue his career, for this 2018 has prepared some gigs for South America, and of course new EP's and Remixes.