- Frank Rescob


“Frank Rescob”, Born in September, 1991, San Salvador, ElSalvador. Influenced by Daft Punk since he was 10 yearsold, finds his love for music and decides to make it part ofhis life at the age of 12. Starts to mix at home for his friends,Frank begin to take it seriously at the age of 14, taking thenext step to experiment electronic music by himself, hestarts to experiment with very electric sounds and as thetime pass his taste inside electronic music was changingtoo, some Electro House passing through progressive,years after that people starts to listen to Minimal, whereFrank and his curiosity take him to another level making acomplete change of his style to stay with this new one(Minimal), besides mixing it, Frank produced Minimal into“Dark Side” as people call it in El Salvador. Frank tookTechno as his strong passion which took him to meet somevery good friends who starts to make some stuff with, Frankmet Jc Bliss. Occasionally they played together as a duocalled “BassLine”. Time after that Frank decided to createhis own podcast named “Sivar Stage”, this podcast alsoconverts into an event promoter, making parties along with“Dj in Sivar” event promoter of Jc Bliss, that together givesspace to Salvadorian artists and producers. 20 years oldyoung talent Frank, is part of 3 different labels, owns anevent promoter, a podcast, counts with a group of DJs andproducers, but the most important is that he still has a longway to go to make his dreams come true.