- Fr33k


Ainis Jankauskas aka Fr33k is interested in Techno music since he was born.His first atempts to create music started at 2000, during that year he found his own unique style. He started playing industrial hardcore, but then he realized that wasn't his style, then he started playing dark techno. Fr33k became a co-owner of digital Techno records label District Facility in 2010. Fr33k published some EP albums. Two years later Fr33k and Deelorea and Femii started a succesfull podcast called District Facility Radio, which is broadcasted on fnoob.com, techno.fm, elektrosfera.net and VMU Radios. This broadcast offers exclusive tracks, new DJs and most news from Techno industry. Since 2011 Fr33k is appearing in various parties and also organizing his own parties.